The WEST companies

Whether you need to confirm accuracy in custody transfer, measure consumption, keep production running smoothly, or ensure safety, our companies deliver the accurate and traceable measurements you can count on.


About C-SMART Analytics

Available as a cloud-based or enterprise solution, C-SMART Analytics continuously monitors diagnostics from flow meters, test stands, and other metrological equipment. Drawing from decades of industry experience, C-SMART reduces measurement error and provides companies with the assurance that their measurement equipment is working correctly. 


Colorado Engineering Experiment Station, Inc. (CEESI) delivers calibration, specialized testing, and engineering services that give customers assurance in their equipment. At its locations in Nunn, Colorado, and Garner, Iowa, CEESI performs NIST-traceable primary and secondary calibrations on numerous types of meters and valves, using a wide range of flow rates, pressures, temperatures, and test gases.

About Flow Systems

Flow Systems designs, manufacturers, and supports flow measurement components and integrated test systems for the aerospace, automotive, power generation, and metrology industries. Located in Berthoud, Colorado, Flow Systems delivers the custom and turnkey solutions that help customers meet quality standards, achieve optimal performance, and get results with              high confidence.

About Graftel

With more than 25 years of experience in flow meter calibration and nuclear industry services, Graftel helps companies meet and exceed QA requirements, save money, and reduce downtime. In addition to quality calibrations, Graftel provides field testing services, including heat exchanger performance testing and containment leak rate testing.


About L-K Industries

Since 1930, L-K Industries has supplied the oil and gas, agriculture, food processing, and medical industries with high-quality testing equipment and excellent customer service. Based in Houston, Texas, L-K manufactures portable and laboratory centrifuges and related sampling and measuring equipment, and offers liquid-in-glass thermometers and calibration services.